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UC Health Hack 2017 was a success!

And we could not have done it without you. Congratulations to all of the great teams and projects that were created out of the weekend! Thank you so much for your participation in our event over the busy weekend. We saw many creative and innovative solutions to this year's prompt topics: refugee healthcare; healthy aging, at home care, and patient experience.

At the end we had 181 participants, 35 final projects, 50+  academia, industry, and expert mentors and judges, and countless volunteers who all dedicated their weekends to the UC Health Hack 2017. 

On behalf of the UC Health Hack planning committee, we wanted to personally thank you for attending. Without you, our event would not have been possible, and we hope to see you at UC Health Hack 2018!

In case you missed, here are the winning projects:

Health Systems Track

1st Place - Incentivizing Patient Mobility Through Augmented Art Reality
Sid Ambulkar                        Ben Alemu
Mihir Sathe                           Minh Duong
Inpatients tend to have problems with lack of mobility, social isolation, and an overall reduced well-being. Augmented art reality allows patients to gain motivation to become mobile through art exhibits that can be implemented in hospitals virtually. 

2nd Place - Medical Noise-Canceling Headset
Anuj Kavi                               Jasmine Lai
Matthew Levine                     Esther Ryu
This noise-canceling headset takes advantage of active noise-canceling technology and helps to mediate distress caused by the loud noises within hospitals, which have been proven to cause adverse health effects. 

3rd Place -  Dr. Home
Tong Jin                                   Alexander Loh                            Alexandra Muise
Sahej Randhawa                     Bryan Yeh
Dr. Home is an easy to use interface that allows for better patient-doctor communication for geriatric patients. 

Global Health Track


1st Place - Blueprints for Life: Design Solutions for Refugee Health
Leonardo Chan                        Sanjay John                                Amit Nijjar
Pranav Singh                            Beverly Yu
Blueprints for Life is a platform that allows solutions to be developed by collaboration among users, ultimately resulting in a "blueprint" that refugee communities can use to build the design themselves using local resources. 

2nd Place - Salama: A Multi-Functional Bracelet Empowering Women Against Sexual Assault 
Alexander Fan                                Bryce Ito
Aaron Tan                                      Benjamin Tien
This multi-functional bracelet  is expected to be a potent deterrent that enhances likelihood of rescue and works by expelling a permanently staining paint and sounds an alarm, while doubling as a flashlight and fashion accessory.

3rd Place -   Rooted in Refugees: A Hanging Greens Project 
Winjet Chou                                       Ryan Leung
Daniel Truong                                    Alex Tung
Rooted promotes vertical gardening in refugee camps in order to address malnutrition, promote self sufficiency, and add national beauty that improves environmental consciousness. 

Thank you, and we hope to see you next year!

UC Health Hack 2017 Planning Committee

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